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[PROCEDURE] To Register Empty [PROCEDURE] To Register

Post by indigofiz on 6th October 2010, 22:07

So, first thing that you have to do is REGISTER. Keep in mind that there are certain rules that needs to be followed in registering. Some of which are:

1. You ARE allowed to not use your real name as your username. Our forum gives you the freedom to express yourself on your username. Keep in mind that while this apply, explicitly improper words are NOT allowed, and is a subject of account deletion by Admins.

2. USE A REAL E-MAIL ACCOUNT. An account activation needs a real e-mail account, so fake e-mail accounts could not be used here. Don't have one? Get a life. Go ask your friends.

3. ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON. Do NOT be greedy, we don't care if you have a multiple personality disorder, settle things with your alter-egos and register only ONE account per person. If you're caught multi-accounting, it's permanent ban or account deletion for you.

4. Filling information in your account profile is optional. We know that some of you have some things that you want to keep for yourself, like, who knows if you're a hermaphrodite or something? We respect your privacy, but wouldn't it be better to tell us who you are?

After you finish registering and activating your account, you're ready to re-register on the forum. Procedure on that is available here.

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