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[PROCEDURE] To Re-register

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[PROCEDURE] To Re-register Empty [PROCEDURE] To Re-register

Post by indigofiz on 6th October 2010, 22:08

You're now a full-fledged member of the forum! Give yourself a pat in the back! But... wait. The forum is NOT YET available for you. We need to make sure that you're qualified to access the forum. What are the qualifications you ask? Well, basically, you just need to fill out some information to make sure that you're not some random stranger. How to do that?

1. Go here. Fill out the forms.

2. Exclusive for eASY members, go here to register your division.

3. Join a group according to your status.

4. Wait for a while until the administrators approve of you, and... voila! You're free to access the forum.

Wait... How to join the groups? Well, go to the index page, and scroll to the bottom. See the groups right there? Click on it, and then on the next page, you'll see the option.

Our groups are open so you're free to try to join whatever group you want. But remember, we'll only accept you as a member if you try to join the right group.

Now, after all those procedure, YOU'RE READY TO POST!

Happy posting, and remember to follow our rules.

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